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Destination 2030

Welcome to the Virtual Forums for the Decatur Strategic Plan! Scroll below to see the current activities available.

Draft Strategic Plan Community Review

There's still time to provide feedback. The draft plan was presented to City Commission and the Planning Commission on June 21. 

Click this link to view and provide feedback on the draft plan. The online public review and comment process will remain open until July 23.

Strategic Plan Community Review

Read the draft strategic plan and provide your input during the community review period!

Start 22 Jun 2021
End 23 Jul 2021
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Virtual Forums

Provide your thoughts on the ideas wall and answer a couple quick survey questions!

2020 Decatur Strategic Plan Timeline

January 2020: Opening Night and Roundtables Kick-off

We hosted Opening Night on Thursday, January 23rd with over 600 attendees! Pre-registered Roundtable groups got to know each other, and we formed new ones with enthusiastic attendees who wanted to volunteer more of their time to discussing Decatur's future!

February to September 2020: Roundtables

We made it through the first round of the Roundtables and uncovered some great ideas and some major concerns to consider for the future. The second round was almost complete in March 2020, and then the COVID-19 pandemic hit. We wanted to give people some time to re-calibrate to our new way of life before re-starting the Roundtable process. Round 2 finished in early September, with Round 3 close behind in mid- to late-September.

November 2020 - February 2021: Decatur 202s

The Roundtables uncovered many important issues. The four issues with the most disagreement and concern will be addressed in a series of educational "Decatur 202s" with expert panelists and interactive discussions. See the Decatur 202s summary here.

October 2020: Virtual Forums & Roundtable Wrap-up

We verified and affirmed what we heard through the Roundtables and Decatur 202s via quick online surveys and an ideas wall in our Virtual Forum. 

February 2021 - April 2021: Draft Recommendations and Feedback

Now that the Decatur202s are complete, we are drafting recommendations for your input. Stay tuned for more information and weekly releases of the activities through May!

June 2021 - July 2021 Draft Report Available for Public Comment